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Coaches & Support Team

Getting Across The Finish Line!

My Ironman journey got off to a great start by finding the “Best Of The Best”, when it comes to assembling a support cast to help get me across the finish line!

Kristen Thomas

Founder, Partner & Coach
Sport Speed Lab | Triple Threat Tough

My passion as a coach resides in helping people achieve things they never thought possible. I take junior swimmers and refine their technique and strategy to help them win championships. I guide adults to help them succeed at crossing their first triathlon, and then Ironman, finish line. I teach people who were once afraid even to put their toe in a pool, how to swim laps and go on to enjoy open water swimming. I excel at assessing where clients are currently at and then coaching them on what they need to do to get to where they want to go. I teach my athletes that it takes two things to accomplish their goals: physiology and psychology. If they properly evolve both the body and the brain, they can attain anything they set out to do. It takes knowledge, planning, and commitment. It is my job to educate, guide, and motivate them through every step of the way.

Tommy Johnson

Partner, Coach & Pro Bike Fitter

My coaching philosophy is based on effective athlete/coach communication and athlete education. I believe effective coaching requires the athlete and coach to communicate on a very regular basis. I encourage my coached athletes to communicate via text, email, phone, video conference or face-to-face whenever needed. As your coach, it’s my job to know the science of training and use it appropriately to help you reach your goals. Effective athlete/coach communication adds context to the training plan and workout data. We aren’t pro athletes with unlimited time to train. We all have other commitments – families, children, work, school, etc. Together we’ll design a plan that takes into account your real life situation and that accomplishes your goals. Along the journey you will have an enjoyable and exhilarating experience training and racing.

Dana Wexler

Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Expert

Mom, Wife, Motivator, Dancer, Teacher/Tutor & Fitness/Nutrition Expert Extraordinaire – Dana seems to do it all!

If there is one person that personifies the mantra “CHOOSE JOY“, it is Dana (aka Goldilox14 & HappyHealthyFit14), on Insta. You’ll want to follow her for a daily dose of badass and joy. While the rest of us mere mortals are still catching Zzzzzzzz’s, Dana is rocking the Peloton at 4:30am ET – E V E R Y   S I N G L E   D A Y!!!
You can bank on it!

I have absolutely no idea how I was blessed enough to come across Dana, but somehow, one of her posts showed up on my Instagram feed one day and I loved her positive energy and enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure she caters mostly to women, but she was willing to take me on, and in a very short period of time, she helped me lose 13lbs of fat and gain 4lbs of muscle mass. And she does it all through communicating on Instagram messaging – with weekly workout and meals plans – plus a big dose of positive reinforcement and accountability. My female friends especially – I highly recommend Dana if you are looking to transform your body and your life – you would be fortunate to have Dana on your side!